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Our service advantage

ZHIYUAN has a professional after-sales service team. Each member of the team has received 24 months of rigorous professional training. Their service awareness and professionalism are almost the best in the industry. They are so logically clear and responsive that they can analyze the problem in the shortest possible time and provide the most professional solutions. They all have the highest level of competency in their respective language majors and had at least one year of study abroad experience. Therefore, they are fluent in both spoken and written language and able to communicate with our customers without any obstacles. Before joining the team, they have at least 3 years of experience in the after-sales industry. In general, this is a professional and excellent young after-sales team with many years of experience.

ZHIYUAN provides comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services. Before the customer purchases the product, they maintain a good interaction with the customer and answer all kinds of questions in the real-time. When customers purchase products, they provide customers with various purchase suggestions and guidance, as well as professional answers on technical parameters of product performance. At the same time, various offers and promotions are also available, which greatly saves customers' time and money. After the customer purchases the product, the situation of each order is tracked in real time, ensuring that each product arrives at the customer on time and in good condition. All kinds of unexpected situations are discovered quickly and solved in the first time to avoid unnecessary troubles for customers. When the customer receives the product, the customer is reminded in time to pay attention to instructions of the product. They still keep good communication with the customer to be ready to serve the customer at any time. 

ZHIYUAN offers 24×7 online services. Whenever customers have questions or need help with our products or services, we can respond immediately by email or phone and give customers a satisfactory answer and solution.


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